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Sleepwell is manufactured to the highest standards by AW Industries, Inc., a Maryland corporation founded in 1931. AW Industries is managed by the 4th generation of family owners from its modern 210,000 square foot facility in Landover, MD. Sleepwell uses only the highest quality materials available in the bedding industry. Sold and serviced through mid-Atlantic retailers. Warranties serviced through AWI.


The Sleepwell Mattress Corporation of Norfolk, Virginia held the rights to the Sleepwell Trademark in 1985, along with several other trademarks used to identify its bedding products manufactured in the “tidewater region”. This Company failed in 1990 and its trademark assets were sold to AW Industries in early 1991, and have been used continuously in interstate commerce on mattresses and boxsprings since then.


Founded in 1931 by Abe Krupsaw at the height of the Great Depression. The original manufacturing plant was located at 4th and Bryant Streets in NE Washington , DC. During the ‘30s, Abe’s son, David, worked at the business part-time during his high-school years until matriculating at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass. When Abe died in 1937, Dave left a fledgling legal practice to take control of the firm. In 1940, the business became a Serta licensee. In 1947, it moved to a larger plant at 5th & W Sts., and four years later, expanded the building by 50%. The business expanded into wholesale distribution, adding appliances. When Dave was killed in a 1960 plane crash, his son-in law, Sy Wolf, who had joined the bedding business after serving in the US Navy during World War II, assumed control of the business. In 1967, Sy moved the business to a still larger plant in suburban Maryland, which building was also expanded by 50% 7 years later to its present size. During the ‘90s, the wholesale distribution businesses were closed and the Company focused on its mattress operation, growing it 5-fold during the decade. The Sleepwell trademark was acquired in 1991. The fourth generation of family ownership now runs the business in Landover, MD, employing 200 and providing quality Sleep Products and Services to purchasers of its products through a network of retailer-clients.