Sleepwell doesn’t spend millions of dollars annually promoting their brand in National Media and retailers’ “SALE” ads. These expenditures add to the selling price of a bed. Sleepwell beds sell for less than their “Big-S” counter-parts on this basis alone. And Sleepwell is family owned; no “private-equity-capital” group squeezes its costs down for maximum profit. Instead, what keeps it profitable is producing quality products that provide years of service, lengthening the replacement cycle. That saves money, too.

Sleepwell builds beds for every customer, from youth to seniors. There are bunk bed mattresses & bases, trundle-bed mattresses, beds for young adults who prefer a firm surface, and beds for seniors who may simply prefer – or need a softer surface for aching joints. There are even adjustable bed mattresses that “articulate” at the knees, hips and back for multiple elevation combinations, which can ease leg pain or reduce reflux.